About us

NorTED network institutions’ areas of cooperation

  • Joint website
  • List of relevant doctoral courses. Each institution earmarks 6 places in each course for students with teacher education relevant projects from participating institutions without paying tuition. The partcipants will be selected on a ‘first come- first served practice’. Institutional diversity will be addressed.
  • The Graduate School intends to develop joint doctoral courses.
  • List of resource people who have volunteered to act as opponents, advisors, mentors, co-supervisors, lecturers etc.
  • Annual theme based seminar days which include lectures, workshops and doctoral courses.
  •  Acceptance of ECTS credits for doctoral courses taken at any participating institution.
  • Facilitation of mutual visits for students and staff.
  • NorTED is open for all doctoral students from the network institutions with relevant research projects.
  • The language of the NorTED is English.