Resource persons

The NorTED resource people pool have all volunteered to support doctoral researchers by providing expert advice within their respective fields. The resource people are senior researchers, and below are examples of the support they offer:

  • Lecturing in PhD courses and other events under the auspices of NorTED
  • Being mentor for PhD candidates
  • Being co-supervisor for PhD candidates (to be agreed between institutions)
  • Opponent for defence and process seminars (midterm or final seminars)
  • Contribute to supervisor competence development
  • Contributing to the further development of NorTED

As a NorTED doctoral researcher you are to contact them.

Dalarna University

DPU Aarhus University

NTNU, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Umeå University

University of Iceland

  • Kristín Björnsdóttir, Professor (Disability studies, Inclusive education, Intersectionality, Inclusive research)
  • Brynja E. Halldórsdóttir Gudjonsson, Associate Professor (Critical educational theories, Immigrant experiences in society, Language and policy)
  • Helga Rut Guðmundsdóttir, Professor (Music education, Early childhood music education, Music, Music reading, Singing in early childhood)
  • Atli Vilhelm Harðarson, Professor (Philosophy of education, Curriculum theory, Ethics of teaching, Character education)
  • Ólafur Páll Jónsson, Professor (Philosophy of education, Democracy, Sustainable education, Inclusive education)
  • Jón Ingvar Kjaran, Professor (Sexuality, Gender, Queer theory, Race, Migration)
  • Guðrún Kristinsdóttir, Professor Emeritus (Qualitative research methodology, Children and society, Childhood studies, Critical gender studies, Violence against children and in intimate relationships)
  • Jónína Vala Kristinsdóttir, Associate Professor (Mathematics education, Teacher Development, Communities of practice, Developmental Research, Self-Study of Teacher education practices, Action research, Lesson-study)
  • Hanna Ragnarsdóttir, Professor (Multicultural education, Multicultural studies, Diversity, Immigrants, Immigrant children, Refugees)
  • Annadís Greta Rúdólfsdóttir, Associate Professor (Qualitative research methods, Gender and youth, Gender and motherhood)
  • Anna Kristín Sigurðardóttir, Professor (Physical learning environment, School improvement, Educational leadership, Professional learning comunity, Teaching quality)

University of South-Eastern Norway

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Åbo Akademi University

The Arctic University of Norway (UiT)

  • Siri Sollied Madsen (Professional digital competence, early childhood education, teacher education, curriculum theory, mixed methods research)
  • Gry Paulgård
  • Trine Kvidal-Røvik